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We sometimes carry residential single family residences in stock (real estate and mobile homes).  Just ask if we have an inventory as it fluctuates and demand is very high.  If we do not have any homes in stock, we can help you locate a home for you.

Real Estate Services

We offer credit counseling and general financial counseling with regard to helping people find affordable housing as well as search and support assistance.


Real Estate Networking with Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers & Insurance Professionals

We help these real estate professionals place people into housing and they can get paid to help home seekers find a home that they can afford.

Real Estate Note Network

We put real estate note buyers and sellers together via note network.  Ask for details.

Special Events & Seminars

Ask for a schedule about upcoming events.  Learn more about real estate, credit and how real estate works.


Home Sweet HoME

Rental Formula

Your gross household income is added together. All applicant incomes are calculated together as your grand total for all household income.  The grand total is then multiplied by .33 or 33%.  This is your MAXIMUM housing expense you may use towards renting a house.

For example:

Let's say you make $2,000 per month

Let's say your spouse makes $1,000 per month.

Combined, this is $3,000.

$3,000 x 33% = $1,000

$1,000 would be your max for renting a home.

Purchase Formula

Your gross household income is added together. All applicant income is calculated together as your grand total for all household income.  The grand total is then multiplied by .33 or 33%.  This is your MAXIMUM housing expense you may use towards your entire house payment.

Your house payment is comprised of principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

In order to figure your taxes and insurance, we default 20% of your payment for this amount (which is an estimate).

The remaining 80% of the payment comprises principal and interest. 

This is the MAXIMUM amount of raw payment you can use to determine a purchase price for your home.

For example,

Let's say you and your spouse earn #3,000 per month.  $1,000 of this income may be applied toward housing.  

20% is $200 (which is budgeted for house insurance and taxes).

80% is $800 (which comprises principal and interest.  This is the MAXIMUM RAW PAYMENT YOU CAN AFFORD for a house payment.

Using the chart below, we can deduce the MAXIMUM "AMOUNT OF HOUSE" you can afford (based on a 6.000% interest rate - the TOP payment represents a 15-year term and the bottom payment represents a 30-year term). Based on the chart below, your payment would be $125,000 and $150,000 (based on a 30-year term) OR between $90,000 - $100,000 (based on a 15-year term.

Our Formulas

Home Sweet Home offers a Home Ownership Program for all persons wishing to become homeowners.  We work with all types of credit grades.

Home Ownership Program

We offer credit counseling & assistance.   We help you re-manage and rebuild your credit.    

We help you re-establish your credit and help you qualify for a home loan through a home loan broker or lending institution.  Financing through our company may also be possible (certain conditions and restrictions apply).

We assist you in your search for housing.  Whether Rental, Rent-to-Own or Financing.  You can get a Real Estate Agent willing to work with you to locate housing (service retainer may or may not be required).  

Rent-to-Own is a great way to eventually own your own home.  We will try to find housing that works on a rent-to-own basis.  Otherwise, we may need to find you a home later down the road after the renting trial period that is either for sale or rent-to-own.

Rental credits are a great way to finance the down payment. If we are able to locate a rent-to-own home, we will try to incorporate a large portion of your payment (“rental credit”) that can be applied toward purchasing your home.

A Second Chance.  Rent First....Buy later.  Rent on time for 12 months prior to converting to a purchase or applying for a home loan.  

You will receive information on down payment assistance.  You may be able to get a few hundred up to $1,000(+) using our connections and techniques.

You will receive a special report on credit management, credit restoration and credit re-establishment.  This information is priceless for people who do not have money or cash to purchase a home outright and who are in need of financing or a home loan.

You will receive information on rent-to-own housing and how it works.  You will also receive buyer advice.

We will send you house listings periodically and have you sign up to have listings sent to your phone or e-mail automatically.

We will help you set up free credit monitoring.

Legal Shield & Identity Theft Protection.  For less than $20 per month you can use this plan to have your lease, rent-to-own arrangement or purchase agreement reviewed by a licensed attorney and so much more.  We can also help you get enrolled for ID Theft protection for as little as $10 per month.  This legal shield plan is incredible and a must for every family.   Click on the tab "Legal Shield" for more info.

WE STRONGLY ADVISE USING A REAL ESTATE AGENT – (certain terms and conditions apply).  A Service retainer may or may not be required.  Agents are more familiar with neighborhoods and the cities in which they are working, they are accustomed to setting viewings and subscribing searches to home renters and buyer.  Additionally, many agents have special access keys to access properties that are on the market for rent and/or purchase.

WE STRONGLY ADVISE USING A LOAN OFFICER - (certain conditions and restriction apply).  A Service retainer may or may not be required.  Loan officers can help advise, consult and assist persons who are attempting to loan qualify. Consulting with a lending professional periodically can go along way to help people properly prepare for a obtaining a loan approval.

These items constitute our Home Ownership Program which requires a one-time remittance of $500.  You can make payments if needed.  This $500 can pay for itself several ways: (1) Via a rental credit on a rent-to-own home; (2) Via improving and re-establishing your credit.  (3) A down payment credit when its time to purchase a home.

Buying a home requires planning, especially if you have damaged credit.  We specialize in this entire process and you have to start sometime, why not now!