Business Development Account Executive / Sales Associate Positions Available -        Online Application (See Below) - PDF also Available
Here are the details about the 2 positions we have available:

These are both career positions with a 6-figure income potential.  This is NOT a multi-level marketing company. 

Business Development Account Executive - Requires experience in at least one of the 2 industries (Real Estate or Lending). 

Sales Associate/Manager - Does not require experience but some sales experience is preferred.  Sales Associates are expected to earn at least $500 - $1,000 per week.  Our company offers a unique "Home Ownership Program".  We are the leader in this "niche" area that is so badly needed in the Real Estate Industry.  You can work in the Real Estate and Lending Industries Nationwide.  A phone, computer, and internet access are required. 
We are also seeking applicants who are Bilingual – Fluent in English and Spanish.   There is a HUGE demand for our program in the Hispanic market.


Unlike many organizations which offer little or no training at all, Sales Associates and Business Development Account Executives will be provided the necessary training via our Getting Started Success Training Manuals.  The training offered is comprehensive and quite possibly one of the best learning success systems around.  Sales Associates and Managers are expected to complete each training module (7 modules in total).  Each module covers the core activities and expectations for the position we are offering to maximize the income of our sales force to the fullest extent possible.  Topics include developing large numbers of sales prospects; methodologies of selling; recruitment; sales management, leadership and more.

Our Sales Force Philosophy

Many companies hire sales professionals and do so without regard to training or support of sales staff.  Home Sweet Home believes that by building teams and using team support, mentorship and continued guidance, each sales professional can truly succeed – WORKING TOGETHER within the scope of SUCCESS TEAMS AND SUCCESS TRAINING.  Furthermore, it’s really the best way to succeed: TEAM SYNERGY. 

Sales Associates (Level 1, 2) & BDAE Experience/Expectations

PREFERRED - Experience in Real Estate, Lending or Sales.  (This is required for BDAE)

MUST be self-starter

MUST be able to dress professionally

Tattoos and piercings MUST NOT be visible on the face, arms, forearms or hands (Level II Sales Associates & BDAE).  However, Level 1 Sales Associates may have tattoos (within reason).  All tattoos and piercings must be discussed with a hiring member of management.

MUST be able to follow general directives

MUST have a professional, positive attitude

Producers may qualify for an expense account.

Job Duties

If you are a Sales Associate, you will be tasked with promoting our program as your primary focus.  

If you are working as a sales manager, you are expected to earn even more income.  You will be building and managing a team of other salespeople who are interested in sales and real estate as well as selling our Home Ownership Program.  This enables the Sales Manager to make additional income based on his or her team production. 

To find out more about who we are and what we do, visit our website (www.homesweethome250.com) and click on “About Us”.

If you are working as a Business Development Account Executive, your primary focus needs to be contacting Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents to convert their “turn downs” (applicants who can’t get funding) so they can place those people in our Home Ownership Program.  The best way to do this would be to show up at their office IN PERSON.  You can also show them how to fill their pipelines by participating in our advertising program.  Professional dress is required.  

Note:  There are 2 positions available and both have separate pay structures.   ONLY a Business Development Account Executive (if they choose) is permitted to do both.  (BDAE and Sales Associate/Manager).

Compensation: Contractual based on transaction volume.

Location: You may work from home and/or work from a local network office.

To Apply:  Please fill out the online application below and send us your resume.    

You can attach your resume online below or email / fax to
steve@homesweethome250.com  / 314-218-3498 Fax.