We offer the following payment plans:  

(Total cost of this program is $600)  Option 1 & 3 offer discounts                     
Option #1: Pay In Full $500 (Save $100).
Option #2: Pay a $100 deposit now and make 2 consecutive bi-weekly payments of $250.  (payments will start 2 weeks after $100 is paid)
Option #3: Pay 2 payments of $275.  One now and the other approximately 2 weeks after the date of your first payment.  (Save $50)
Option #4: Pay a $100 deposit now and make 4 consecutive bi-weekly payments of $125.  (payments will start 2 weeks after $100 is paid)
Option #5: Pay $25 per week for 24 weeks.  Once $100 is paid, work will start on file.  
Option #6: Custom payment amounts.  Example:  $100 now and then $25 a week.   Can also be used
to payoff or get account current if needed.  

Note:  Work will stop if payments are not made on time.  Having 2 persons use their incomes to help qualify for a home is recommended.  However, if they both have damaged credit, then BOTH will have to pay our fee.

Once we receive your application and deposit,  you should receive an email within 48 hours.  This email will explain what the next steps will be to help you reach your financial goal to help you OWN YOUR OWN HOME.

Enrollment Application

Application will not submit unless all mandatory questions are answered.  Please scroll to the top of this page to see if it was submitted successfully.  

IMPORTANT - Home Ownership Program Explanation  (See Application BELOW)

ALL information submitted is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and is NOT shared with ANY outside sources or agencies.  To see complete details on our Home Ownership Program please click on "About Us".  This program is designed to help you purchase and own your own home.   Most people are not able to get approved for housing due to damaged credit, lack of down payment or various other reasons.  This program will focus on dealing with those issues and put you on the right track to become a homeowner.  Everyone qualifies for this program.  Your income will determine what price range for which you qualify.  WE WILL:

  • First and foremost start the process of getting you into a home.  This could result in a rental first, a rent-to-own home or financing.  
  • Help you get your credit in order so you can eventually apply for a loan to purchase your home.
  • Help you find ways and means to get down payment money (even using rent credits, gifts, and/or grants, if possible)
  • If you have legal challenges, credit concerns where an attorney is needed or even ID Theft problems, we can advise you on how to deal with and overcome these issues. 
  • EVERYONE QUALIFIES for the Home Ownership Program.
  • This program is IDEAL for persons who have damaged credit, no credit, lack of down payment or who are self-employed.​